What pool to choose for your house?

If the pool is a great pleasure for adults, for children this is a favorite pastime for all time. Fashion changes, preferences change, with the advent of new technologies and materials, and the pools, their shape, design, and much more. One thing remains unchanged - the desire to feel the water, luxuriate in the sun. A home pool is the place where you can swim and party with friends in a cozy atmosphere of the house.

Another argument in favor of the pool - it gives a complete and cozy look to your house and the surrounding landscape. If you decide that you will have a swimming pool, you need to decide on a choice. Today there is a huge selection of different pools. It all depends on whether you want something grand, you have the desire and the means for it, or you will be satisfied with something not so expensive and monumental. It is important to decide what kind of pool you want and how much money is ready to spend on its construction.

Now the market offers different types of pools:

- Inflatable. Pools are made of PVC film. Such pools are not suitable for water purification. You just have to change the water;

-Concrete, with steel frame and plastic coating. Such a pool can be of any shape and size;

-frame prefabricated. The frame of such a pool consists of pipes, which are stretched polypropylene fabric. The design is not complicated, such a pool can be mounted by oneself, it is possible to use not complicated water purification systems;

-Polypropylene. These pools are made of durable plastic. The bowl of this pool is very tight. Such a pool allows you to save on the amount of construction work. Service life up to 30 years;

-Stationary swimming pools. Such pools can be built both in the house and on the street. This is already a serious structure of concrete, which requires a water purification system, a filtration system, a drain, etc. By type of filtration, such pools are divided into overflow and skimmer basins.

It is important to choose the right place, where the pool will be, its shape, size and depth. If you decide to build a monolithic pool, then you can not do without specialists. It is necessary to investigate the soil on which the construction will be conducted, based on the results of the studies, draw up a drawing of your future masterpiece.

When choosing a location for the pool, many factors need to be considered.

The pool should be in an open place - in the sun. It should not get a shadow from the house or other structure. You should also avoid the proximity of trees, because their leaves pollute the water. If the pool is monolithic, then plants with a large and branched root system can cause cracks in the concrete base of the pool.

The size of the pool is best chosen based on the size of your site. He should not dominate it. You must decide for yourself how the pool will be used. Will this place for recreation, sports, games, etc.? With this in mind, you can plan how to equip the area around the pool to make a beautiful, cozy place. If the pool will be used by children, you need to think about its depth and shape, maybe you should make a pool with shallow water. Before the construction starts, decide where the tubs, pens, stairs, lighting and other equipment for the pool will be located.

To protect your pool from pollution, a special PVC film for the pool is used, it is also called a pool cover, which is available in all sizes and shapes.

The space around the pool can be decorated in different styles, according to your taste. It can be planted with bushes and flowers, a place with a barbecue area and parties. Near the pool you can make a playground for games, install beautiful garden furniture - it all depends on your ideas and fantasy.